Dimitri Dimitriou

FRSM, FRSC, FRSB, Corporate Advisor

Dimitri Dimitriou, FRSM, FRSC, FRSB, Corporate Advisor –has 35 years in the pharmaceuticals industry. His experience includes CEO of ImmuPharma plc, a drug discovery and development company listed on AiM and Euronext, Senior Director of Worldwide Business Development at GlaxoSmithKline’s headquarters, Senior Director of Business Development for Europe at Bristol-Myers Squibb, Sales & Marketing Manager for Middle East & Asia, at Procter&Gamble and Product Manager at Novartis.

He holds a Master’s in Pathology (Faculty of Medicine) from Imperial College Medical School in London and a BSc in Biochemistry from King’s College of the University of London and training in Internal Medicine and Neurology from Harvard Medical School. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, the Institute of Biomedical Science, the Royal Society of Chemistry, and the Royal Society of Biology.

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